Software factory

Simple and practical solutions for complex problems

At High Developer we are committed to the growth of our customers, and that is why in our services we go beyond technology, or create highly functional products.

We are focused on generating impactful, simple and practical solutions that allow our customers to scale and reach more competitive markets over the time.

With High Developer your business can go to the next level, achieving a unique experience, thanks to our team, expertise and innovation in the IT field.

Technologies and security

Your projects and ideas are safe with us

Our solutions are built using the best methodologies and quality processes to guarantee the success of projects

Your projects and ideas are protected by agreements of IPR governed by Colombia and U.S. laws

We work with technologies that have been validated and are part of the biggest companies around the world


We are Trusted

Our customers trust their problems to us

We are Experts

Our experience make us experts in our field

We are Involved

We are enthusiasts in finding better solutions

We are Simple

We keep our solutions in a simple and elegant way

We are Flexible

We can make our team to fit your needs

We are Persistent

We never give up when we have a purpose

We are in the next level


We work with the most advanced tech stack, allowing us to create high quality products


We are always researching new strategies and technologies to implement awesome solutions


We stand out for our talent, expertise and methodologies to create success solutions

Our Partners

Some of our customers

Analitycs company
Carcon company
Choice company
Empoderarte company
Genesis company
Maya company
Jarris company
LamontaƱa company
Levinssong company
Mimmers company
Swyfer company
Unab company
Nevada company
Proyectos company
Igestion company
Igestion company
Igestion company
Igestion company
Igestion company