• software development background
    cloud computing

    Software Development and
    Cloud Computing

    High Developer works with latest technologies, standards and tools,
    that allow us to deploy global systems at big scale

  • embedded circuits background
    electronic systems

    Electronic and Embedded

    We develop embedded systems, with the latest
    electronics and high precision sensors

  • network design background
    cisco networks

    Design and Management of Computer Networks

We know the importance of accelerating and rising the growth of your company. High Developer offers outsourcing and offshoring services in software development, that allows any company anywhere in the world to expand their work force with fully talented people.

We create products and services of great quality, innovative and scalable, that allow us to excel in global and competitive environments around the world.

We have in mind that services and products must offer something more than functionality. It's necessary to provide Business Intelligence solutions that show analysis and statistics to improve take of decisions in your company.

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Aluzit is the platform and exclusive division of High Developer, that brings professional training and courses in IT.

Aluzit offers the best in e-learning methodologies with tools and high quality standards, courses and training in high technologies.

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