About Us

About Us

High Developer is a technology company that provides IT solutions, such as: the development of web and mobile apps, the creation and implementation of IoT systems, and so on. We are a company of great determination, spirit and innovation; therefore our main objective is to turn the most cutting-edge technology into a simple, efficient and useful tool for companies.

At High Developer there is high quality and trustworthy human talent, supported jointly by their great expertise and trajectory in the field of IT. Several of them have many years of proficient experience, achieved through exertion in different sectors of the technological industry.

Our philosophy has made us the best choice for customers of all kinds, who are looking for long term associations and maintaining a constant growth in team.

About us High Developer


To design and provide resourceful, robust and ground-breaking technological solutions for the different business fields, allowing organizations to standardize, automate processes, increase their productivity, maximize their revenues and expand their market position.


To be the supplier and strategic associate of our clients, as well as allied with organizations, offering high quality services, posing all kinds of scenarios, strategies and solutions to boost their professional and business growth in the field of technology.

Software factory

Software Factory

"The world is flat," a book that sums up the meaning of globalization and mindset that companies must have in order to enter into more competitive world markets.

High Developer provides a portfolio with different types of hiring, under the modality of software factory, taking into account if it is work on demand, support or if you need to extend and strengthen your work team in the short, medium or long term; where we have immediate access to some of the best and brightest IT professionals.

At High Developer we analyze every detail in the provision of our services, such as the project type, documentation, requirements, resources, execution time, human talent and technology implementation.