Low Cost

At High Developer, we are committed to the technological evolution and growth of our customers. As a result, we have created a low-cost line, where thanks to open source technologies and tools, we can provide quality solutions in a very short time and affordable to any market niche.

Something important to highlight, is that our solutions do not have limitations or restrictions of use by number of users or similar characteristics; and each of them includes hosting, security standards, SSL - HTTPS encryption, backup copies, support and guarantee.

Computer with icons that reference the web


If you still do not have an Internet presence, you should know that a website is the first step to start expanding and positioning your business in a professional manner, allowing you to reach a wider audience without limits.

Computer with icons that reference a blog

Blog - Press

Having your own blog/press allows you to increase visits to your website, optimize authority on the internet and improve the positioning of your brand in search engines, resulting from strategic content that can convert your users into potential customers.

Shopping cart that represents purchases

Virtual Store

It does not matter if you already sell by other means, our e-commerce solution will give you the boost and scalability to your business exponentially, allowing you to offer your products without borders and within reach of new customers.

Book, keyboard and other things that represent education

Educational Platform

Take your classes to another level and without barriers. You can manage teachers, students, courses and dynamic content through videos, documents, tests or even live classes that will allow you to generate an innovative and collaborative work environment.

Computer and user icons and customer service

Customer Management

With this solution you will be able to manage prospects, opportunities, contracts, meetings, and the entire business process of your company in a centralized and structured way, allowing you to retain customers and boost your sales.

Computer with icons represent communication between people

Team Communication

Still do not know what communication channel to use for your company? We have a practical, safe and reliable solution, where you can create private and group chats, transfer files and make video calls in a productive way.

Computer with icons that reference management tools

Project Management

If you have problems when managing your projects, this tool is ideal for you. You can organize your team, tasks, times, budgets, documentation and everything related to the planning of projects, including workflows.

Graphics, users, messaging

Marketing Automation

Too much time and money in marketing and sales strategies?. We can solve it by optimizing audience segmentation, strategic content and automating processes to achieve new clients in less time.

Computer with a cloud icon

Cloud Storage

Our solution is a private, secure and reliable alternative to services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, where you can organize, store and share files with your team in a practical and effective way no matter where you are.