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Engagement Models Offshore/Nearshore - Outsourcing

High Developer provides different business and contracting models, allowing our customers to choose the best one that suits their needs.

Depending on the nature of the context, requirements and expectations of the client, High Developer will recommend the most suitable model in order to optimize and guarantee the execution of the projects.

Dedicated Team, recommended for clients who need to extend their IT staff, where the client often has the main control. Ideal for large and long-term projects.

Time and Materials, well suited for estimations based on amount of hours. Ideal for projects that are expected to change or don’t have detailed requirements.

Fixed Price, suggested for small or medium size projects with detailed scope. Ideal when the requirements are clear, well defined and unlikely to change.


At High Developer, we work under the best practices and the most used methodologies in the IT industry. This gives us the ability to select the most appropriate and effective strategy for the development of each project, taking into account the requirements, scope and profile of the client.

Scrum working methodology


Nowadays, it is the most used agile methodology in the IT industry. It gives us the ability to start a project quickly under a general approach and without a detailed requirements document. It is also adaptable to all types of projects, and executed in a highly collaborative and led environment, through short iterative cycles, fixed duration, and flexible at constant changes in advance.

Kanban work methodology


It is an agile and flexible method, which encourages the high collaboration of the teams in an efficient way, using a practical visual technique for the administration of tasks. It is characterized by continuous deliveries and incremental improvements, as well as the transparency of work among team members and its integration with other methodologies that are already being executed.

Waterfall work methodology


It is a sequential and rigid model, based on the execution of phases in a linear way, where the customer has little time available to get involved in the project, and therefore is less flexible to changes during the process of development. It is a methodology that saves time and costs if it has a detailed requirements and precise scope. Also it is suitable for projects that are not very extensive.

Main Technological Stack

Java technology
Spring technology
Laravel technology
Angular technology
Rabbit MQ technology
Hadoop technology
Redis technology
Cassandra technology
Postgre SQL technology
Play technology
Node js technology
emq technology
jaspersoft technology
microsoft .net technology
Oracle technology
iOS technology
Python technology
Spark technology
Realm technology
Mongo DB technology
Vertx technology
Native Script technology
Xamarin technology
PHP technology
Vuejs technology
Android technology
Elastic technology

Tools & Integrations

Fire base technology
Azure technology
Amazon technology
Docker technology
Digital ocean technology
Jenkins MQ technology
Google Maps technology
Mapbox technology
Ansible technology
moodle technology
Prestashop technology
Prestashop technology
W ordpress technology
Prestashop technology
Prestashop technology
Sonar qube technology