Business Models

We want to be simple and plain, therefore we propose 3 business models more concurrent in software development globally. Software factory, consultancy, and custom fee (this is based in goals, requirements, scope and project time) with clear the strategies of engagement under the models of outsourcing and offshoring.

Software Factory

Through this model we offer to all kind of companies, being local or foreign, the ability to hire human resources of quality and with a lower cost, keeping in mind that the type of agreement is monthly (part or full time).

Note: Since we are a company mainly located in Colombia, holidays in the month are not laboral days, however it will be billed the month completely for every human resource. The quantity of hours is 160 per month, this is equivalent to 8 hours daily from monday to friday in full time.


With this service we get to customers that don't actually need to pay for human resources monthly, if the project it's not big or the tasks are not too long. The consulting hours are more expensive compared to software factory costs, but be aware, consulting is a sporadic service and it should be used when it's really necessary and pay for hours to solve an specific issue.

Custom Fee

This Service is simple, you've got a project in mind and possibly a budget, but really you don't know how much it will cost, and how long it will take to be ready or what technology should be used. For this, contact us and we will deliver you an approach of the development of the project according to your needs.

We are here to help. Contact Us.

  • Junior Developer
  • $ 22 USD per Hour
  • $ 800 USD per Month (Part time)
  • $ 1.600 USD per Month (Full time)
  • Middle Developer / Semi-Senior
  • $ 33 USD per Hour
  • $ 1.100 USD per Month (Part time)
  • $ 2.200 USD per Month (Full time)
  • Senior Developer
  • $ 48 USD per Hour
  • $ 1.500 USD per Month (Part time)
  • $ 3.000 USD per Month (Full time)

  • Project Manager
  • $ 61 USD per Hour
  • $ 1.850 USD per Month (Part time)
  • $ 3.700 USD per Month (Full time)
  • Software Architect
  • $ 74 USD per Hour
  • $ 2.200 USD per Month (Part time)
  • $ 4.400 USD per Month (Full time)

Note: We are honest and transparent, so our prices have no hidden or additional costs. All prices include taxes and additional costs incurred in our location. Keep in mind that these prices may change in the future.