Developing a business and creating a technology-based company is not an easy task, on the contrary, it tends to be complicated and in many cases quite expensive if you do not have an adequate execution strategy.

In order to support and boost the country's technological growth, High Developer has devised a strategy and action plan focused on Startups, having as a fundamental principle the best practices and processes of the Lean Startup method and Canvas model.

Through Lean Canvas, we have established 5 essential guidelines for the progressive development of ideas and innovation projects, where we can partially or fully adapt startups in the initial stage or even those that are already consolidated.

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We focus on the consolidation of ideas, based on hypothesis, research and problem solving with the respective market needs.

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Business Model

We will develop a strategic business plan that will allow us to obtain a real vision of our costs, revenues, customers and value proposition, among others.

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Programming and testing of the main features of the project, achieving an MVP in the shortest time possible, which must be validated by our clients.

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Marketing & Sales

Space used for the development of effective strategies in marketing and sales, by means of the most optimal tools and channels in the industry.

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Comments & Perspectives

Stage in which we analyze improvements and new features of the product based on the data collected by our customers.